Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: The zooms are not dark hyenadog!

nevercat wrote:

Sony offers a nice range of zoom lenses for the Nex, only th 55-210mm you could call dark, but it is a cheap lens.

The 18-200 lenses start at f/3.5, less then a stop away from the "bright" zooms.

The kit zoom 18-55 and 16-50 start both at f/3.5 and are again less then 1 stop away from the bright zooms

The new Zeiss lens is with a constant f/4 just 1 stop away from the bright f/2.8, the same goes for the 18-105mm lens.

So stop this nonsense and come with some new stuff.

hhmmm ...

my critique of the Zeiss "kit range" zoom is the price & at this price its irrelevant to the vast majority of NEX owners (and more importantly for Sony the NEX in a dslr owners), and it is a "dark zoom" perhaps not in "nexworld" but certainly on the e-mounts competing platforms - nikon/canon .. lets take a real world example of what a canon or nikon entry level dslr owner can expect .. just a quick google without any optimisation

Sigma AF 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 street price GBP 320 (incl VAT) or on the nex we have the GBP 850 (plus VAT) Zeiss 16-70

knocking out lenses that are irrelevant to the vast majority of the nex owners may make fan boys swoon but is why the NEx (thats the NEX model likes the 3/5/6 that havnt been canned yet) is one step away from being canned (that step is the success or failure of the bargain basement "nex in a dslr" and in particular in the US markets) .. tell me how many Zeiss 16-70 f4 will be bought in total by the purchasors of a $350 camera (with kitzoom) 1, 2 .. 3 ?

nonsense is Sony's strategy which drives nex owners in to the OIS/AF less fungus ridden ripoff world of 30 year old manual primes, nonsense is thinking the vast majority of NEX or "NEX in a dslr" will ever buy anything like this ..

Now dont get me wrong I am not slagging off the 55-210 - its decent zoom performance for a decent price (>2x the price of equivalents on the nikon or canon platforms) but a decent price/performance - and that zoom is relevant to the vast majority of nex owners and sells (primarily because its in kit form and theres no bright emount tele prime choice and of course its price) .. its relatively light which is good as well .. especially when big bulky heavy emount zooms cause problems over time pulling the connectors apart on the emount.

Problem with this lens (and the other monster price/size/weight nex zooms) is that they are useless indoors in low light - eg for theatre stage shots - common if you have a young family

I bitch and complain becuase I love my NEX camera but hate the restricive lens range which forces me to maintain a dslr/bright tele prime just so I can make sure i can get decent shots of my kids/nieces on stage, playing sport etc

the NEX's comparatively slow and innacurate AF and its screw on flash i can live with as a compromise for its size, the crap lens range i cant .. and releasing mega expensive zoom after zoom for the now 7'less NEX range is just "nonsense" .. but let the numbers decide - lets see how many sell = <1% of the SEL50 definately or <1% of the 55-210 probably definately as well

Let me help you Sony - dont stick up 2 fingers at the majority of NEX owners with a black paint job on the best selling SEL50 .. give us a cheap to design/make OIS/AF SEL85mmf2ish bright short tele prime (in black please) priced around the SEL 50 and be relevant to the majority of NEX owners

Personally I believe Sony's new management has to release most of the the crap the crazy previous incumbants planned, which is why i have some optimism for the NEX ... recognising the NEX lens QC is crap and getting jiggy with Olympus is a good move and i just hope that this leads to a set of SEL value decent performing lens releases relevant to the majority of NEX owners.

For Sony's benefit - think about who buys the vast majority of the NEX's and what they are used for .. then look at the gaps in your emount lens range for what they need - then fill them with what the customer wants at the price they are prepared to pay .. you know for example that a bright SEL priced 85mmf2 OIS/AF short tele prime the majority of NEX owners want - so whats the problem

Do it ! and let the "G"/Zeiss price fanboys go the FF route - thats your plan after all - and finally a jolly rational plan

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