EOS M - Has me hooked on CSC's... next logical step?

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Re: EOS M - Has me hooked on CSC's... next logical step?

Optimus47 wrote:

I have to say, after using my $299 EOS M on vacation, I'm hooked on small, mirror-less system cameras. Although my D700 is still an extremely good camera, even by today's standards, it will be very difficult to go back to carrying the weight. Light camera systems make picture taking fun again, and they are quickly closing the gap with heavier systems.

<Before I raise another ruckus, I should say that they are "just good enough" for everyday purposes. ...No, of course, they will not outperform the 5d's and D800's of the world.>

That being said, I am considering the following choices towards further saving my back!

1) Purchase an EF-M 11-22 to supplement the super wide FL for the EOS M;

(Wait for a telephoto option or buy a 55-250 with adapter)

2) Go Micro Four Thirds, EP-5, and deck out a decent system with various Prime FL's;

3) Wait for Sony to finally make a wider range of FL's for their NEX System.

Purchase the NEX-6 successor...

(Options 2 and 3 assume that I keep the EOS M as a light backup...)


Any thoughts? Alternatives?

(I want to like the Fuji's, but the focusing is a concern... So, so lens availability...)

I really like how Micro Four Thirds is a fairly comprehensive system (lens wise). My only complaints would be the sensor size and the price...!

This looks to be a fun exercise for you. That is, to sort out what you want. You have some research to do as well as refining your needs and wants in a CSC.

I have owned several in past few years and the Nex 7 and X-E1 were the best. The M is a one and done for me; only the 22mm lens and no interest in purchasing future model. It is great for what it is in terms of value. But, to sink more $$$ into it would be a foolhardy move for me as what it lacks limits it; no evf, poor ergonomics, few manual controls.

My next camera will be a high end fixed lens compact with APS-C or full frame. The m43 format is dead to me.

Good luck with your journey.

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