Al Jazeera TV Show Ideas

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Re: Al Jazeera TV Show Ideas

itchhh wrote:

Collett wrote:

itchhh wrote:

Collett wrote:

itchhh wrote:

Collett wrote:

Todd Ka wrote:

Ok ladies and gents time to put on your thinking cap and pitch some ideas for the titles of some upcoming Al Jazeera TV programs.

I will start:

How I Stoned Your Mother

The Really Big Bang Theory

How to deprogram dumbfuk rednecks who have not read or watched much other than The Bible and Fox News.

I'm catching a really negative vibe from you Collett. . . . . .

Don't like negative stereotypes when they hit close to home Itchhh? Neither do I.

Are you insinuating something . . . dumbfuk?

That is not what I meant Itchhh. I was referring to your deep religious convictions. Are I not right that you do not like it when Christians are all grouped together and judged by those bad apples?

I have never once defamed you Collett. . . not once. I don't agree with Islam and what it stands for but you'll never find a post where I attacked people for their Islamic beliefs.

I cannot remember any either, and again that is not what I am saying.  I like you Itchhh, and I am not trying to make this personal.

While I do not watch Al Jazeera, they have a reputation for being more accurate and less biased than either Fox or MSNBC.

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