Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Re: Go for the D5200

I'll repeat what everyone else has said.  I own a D5100 and a few other Nikon DSLR's, and a handful of nice lenses.  Two weeks ago I bought the Nex-6 with the kit zoom, wanting a smaller system.

Image quality you won't have to worry about.  The 6 gets the same image quality as the Nikon D7000 and D5100, it is terrific and high ISO is very good as well.  The 6 feels nice in my hands and once I got used to the menus and layout, I have it set up now where I don't need to go into the menus very often and I'm already able to use the camera fairly smoothly and quickly.   That part just takes a bit of time and practice.

AF is the problem.  I've gotten out of focus shots with the Nex-6, even after getting the green focus confirmation.  There are also times when the 6 wouldn't focus.  I've never had a single focus issue with any of my Nikon DSLR's that wasn't user error.  The D5100 focuses very fast and very accurately, I imagine the D5200 is at least as good.  Heck, my old Nikon D50 still focuses very quickly and accurately, never an error. Nikon has a number of really good, really affordable lens options as well, something Sony is lacking.

I would try both cameras, hold them and use them, see how they feel.  Pay attention to the autofocus speed on both.  Is focus tracking important?  If so, I would get the D5200.  Nikon's focusing system even on their lower-end cameras is very good.  Can you live with a larger camera or do you absolutely want a smaller footprint?  If so, get the Nex-6 and be prepared to live with some focus issues.

I really like my Nex-6, it's comfortable to hold and use, IQ is terrific, it's a great travel camera and one that I can always have around.  I can carry it all day, not get tired and not get noticed.  I'm not quite ready to give up my Nikon gear just yet though, it works very well.

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