Brick & Mortar - Why I dont care anymore....

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Brick & Mortar - Why I dont care anymore....

Usually, I am of the opinion, that it is a good thing to support the local economy - in fact I am working for an NGO concerned with regional development and sustainability. But I have to say: I am at a point where I am really tempted to avoid local shops, when it comes to photographers equipment.

Step by step the local dealers alienated me... for the last years I spend around 2.000-3.000 € per anno for my hobby. Guess I am no "big fish", but it is a handsome sum.

First, I was annoyed when I came into the shop, they stayed with the suggested price of the manufacturer even for products which werde several years on the market. I mean: I expect and am willing to pay a little extra. To support local economy, to keep the guy running the local shop afloat - after all, they are often also contributing to local culture and stuff. But to spend 50% above online dealers - even if I dont compare with the cheapest ones - is a little bit excessive. But ok. If you ask them about it they tend to give some crap about "better service" and "better advice" about how the online dealers re-import stuff etc. Up to now, I often swallowed that...But: When my OMD was just over a year old, the rubber of the eyecup got loose. I complaint about it expecting some leniency. I knew he didnt HAVE to do something about it, but man: I spend about 1.300€ for the camera, bought several lenses from him, the hand-grip, assorted filters etc. . He really gave me some &%$& about how this is a part thats "wear and tear" and not his problem!

Did I mention that filters are usually twice the price of online-dealers?

However, the part that really annoys me is this: Today I walked into the shop because I wanted to experiment with long exposures. So I needed a remote for the camera (80€), a grey-filter (52€), and a step-up-ring (14€). I told him what I wanted to do (empty out places in daylight etc) and he suggested a filter. I bought it and tried it out. At f22 I was able to achieve about 2-4 seconds shutter speed... not long enough by far! Guess it is my fault, because I should have calculated it through and gone for the stronger filter. Not to mention, that the remote is on the crappy side: the button has no clear focus-release point. That one suprised me: I didnt check it out in the shop, because usually the Olympus-stuff is quite good. Btw: When I asked for a third-party remote, they told me some stuff about quality...

Whatever. The whole thing was in part my own fault. In the future I will only buy online. Better prices, often better advice through customer-reviews and often even better service....

For me, b&m is done when it comes to photography... the next 3.000€ will be spend online... bye-bye!

Oh yea... one for the road - as a compensation for my rant... I feel better now.

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