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Re: Diffraction Effects in a Real Lens-Camera System

Anders W wrote:

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LTZ470 wrote:

I learn by "concrete proof in the pudding"...there is none for the FZ200 being diffraction limited at f/2.8...

But if it was (for example in the center of the image), then that would actually be a good thing! If a lens is "diffraction limited" (has its peak resolution) wide open, then that just means that it's a very good lens without any significant aberrations, where the resolution mostly will be limited by the unavoidable diffraction.

IF or CONCRETE...I'll stick with concrete...and the fact that there is no concrete proof...

So, if Panasonic came out with a successor to the FZ200 and the succesor were the same camera in every way except that it had a new lens that was "diffraction limited" already at f/2.8, which version would you prefer: the old one or the new one?

I would take a good old crappy resolution at the lowest F-Number. That way I not only know that the optical aberrations are having a "field day" when "wide open", I also gain the distinct pleasure of actively "making it better" ...

... (albeit frequently at relatively profound cost in terms of light attenuation, given the deep DOFs that I align compact cameras for all the time, usually at F=5.6 but sometimes pushing up to the F=8 maximum of my LX3, which is also the maximum F-Number of the FZ200, I think) ...

...by knowing that magic "sweet number" that will (though robbing my incoming light), at least deliver me from how much worse the system looked "wide open". Gives one a sense of human process control. The "broker" things start out, the better I feel for "tweaking and fixing it" ...

Manufacturers might be wise to include a (placebo, unconnected) dial that "adjusts the IQ". Many debates would ensue surrounding the "proper and professional" setting-values - and the entire affair would be a measurement of our mind's eyes' pre-ceptual "confirmation biases" ...

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