Choosing between Nikon D5200 or Sony NEX6

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Go for the D5200

I don't own a D5200 but a NEX-6

Based on review, the Nikon D5200 appeal to me are 24MP sensor that reviews slightly better than 16MP of NEX6, supposedly better autofocus speed and accuracy, appear to be easier/direct control with more buttons, and probably cheaper lens options. Sony NEX6 appeal is lighter which is nice for traveling, and record better video.

I think the sensor performance will be not so much different in real life images, the NEX-6 performs pretty good.

2. Does NEX6 have worse autofocus speed and accuracy? Will the difference make a difference in shooting moving objects, in low-light, both, etc?

AF is still a mess with the NEX system. The on sensor PDAF of the NEX is not really improving things a lot, it might be slightly better under certain conditions, but in general AF is one of the weak points in my opinion. I have a 4-year-old son and I shot him a lot with my NEX-6 (and earlier with my NEX-3) but AF is always a challenge.

So if fast AF is very important to you, then go for the D5200.

I don't mind carrying the D5200 if it is really better than NEX6.

If size and weight is not a priority, then the decision is pretty easy: D5200 - no-brainer.

The only reason I stick to the NEX system is compactness, otherwise I would have switched to a DSLR. I have my NEX always with me - always. Sometimes I put one or two additional lenses in my bag and this is something, I could not do with a DSLR. I have a messenger bag (also for my other stuff like phone, keys, etc.) and bought a small compartment insert, that fits my NEX-6 with lens, and optionally up to 2 additional lenses.

The best camera is the one that's with you.

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