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LTZ470 wrote:

One photo that had me scratching my head, shot of tripod, sharp center, blurred left hand side, and still on pane with subject:

I can't see a Turtle moving his head fast enough to blur? at 1/1000 shutter, just don't seem possible...

Same shot SX50:

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Pretty sure this is localised evaporation causing this selective blur. Its not always noticable on stills, but I very frequently have to deal with it when shooting video near water.

Shallow water, and with a subject being small/close to the surface is very prone to this selective degrading. Its intensity is very variable and continually fluctuates, depending on a number of factors.

I have a vast amount of "real world" examples of this { video, with frame grabs showing this type of very localised atmospheric fluctuation/degrading} which I could post, but suspect it could divert your thread somewhat {as this thread is likely to become a slide rule/calculator type of thread}, so shall leave it for another day/thread.

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