This leaves me deeply, deeply saddened

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Re: This leaves me deeply, deeply saddened

Andy, it's the way of the world - marketing and hype creating demand. it's the same with music where the most mediocre artists secure major sales because of over-hype designed to attracta   target audience. How can one justify the popularity of manufactured 'boy band' One Direction? Individually these young guys failed at their individual auditions for a talent show so Cowell bunged them together and pushed them like hell through his TV shows on both sides of the pond...The real shame is that there are many REALLY talented acts out there that don't get the media attention they deserve and they fade without trace.

I've gone past caring about these kind of things; to me they are no longer important in the big scheme of things. As far as this camera goes what really matters is how it performs/value for money. And that we don't even know yet.

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