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Re: Steen Bay

Hallalujah!..Someone with a clue!

Steen Bay wrote:

"Also depends on where you look. The lens aberrations are usually stronger in the corners than in the center, so the point at which the resolution starts to decrease will most often be at a smaller aperture if looking at the border/corner resolution."

"@LTZ470 - Is the FZ200 also sharpest at f/4 in the center, or are you just saying that the overall sharpness is best at f/4?"

Yes in the center is the sharpest, and correct, the corners suffer, from what I can tell...especially when you add the TC-E17ED...the TC-E15ED didn't seem so bad, I suspect the TC is magnifying any defects/aberrations already present in the lens...

One photo that had me scratching my head, shot of tripod, sharp center, blurred left hand side, and still on pane with subject:

I can't see a Turtle moving his head fast enough to blur? at 1/1000 shutter, just don't seem possible...

Same shot SX50:

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