Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Sorry to hear about your bad luck

...but I don't think Pentax really is any better or worse than the others. I originally came from Canon as well, and through the original Digital Rebel, then dual DRebXT's, then a 40D and a dozen lenses, all were trouble free (except for front focus on a 24-85mm). So in my experience Canon was also very good with respect to reliability.  I left Canon for the same reason you alluded to - there was no reason the equipment needed to be so big!

Then I went to Nikon, from a D40x (shutter button became permantly stuck and sent it back for a cost of $150), to a D80 (no problems), then a D90 ($150 front focus adjustment), a D5100 (no problems), and now a D7000 which I still have (trouble free).

With Pentax, I went K10D, K20D, K5 x 2, and K-01 along with a bunch of lenses - all trouble free.

I guess I'm trying to say that I think you've had a run of bad luck. I still have a Nikon kit, which I like and use on occasion - I'm disappointed by the two costly failures in the D40x and D90, but not enough to paint the whole brand with a broad brush and ditch the equipment. I love Pentax equipment even more, even with its quirks.  Don't be discouraged, keep the equipment!  If you can, maybe get a spare K5 if yours is out of commission (which is why I have 2).

And on the lens release button, I have heard of this happening before.  If you search the forums, you may find other posts - one I recall stated that if you talk to the folks at CRIS, they will send you a button kit for free.  This should *not* be a $200 repair, that is outrageous.


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