Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Mike Hiran
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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

ouch!  with that track record I'd be discouraged also... I suppose I've been fortunate.  So far including a few q's and a couple k01's, I've had 10 Pentax DSLR's and even more Pentax lenses that have been trouble free so far.  I'm aware of some of the issues with some Pentax products but I've felt the products were worth what I interpreted to be a relatively small risk.  That is not to say I don't take precautions: I do buy those twenty dollar extended warranty things that b and h sells for Pentax products.  Of course, if you've ever bought extended warranties, if you buy them, things don't go wrong

well your luck has to change for the better from here... so whatever brand you go with, odds are you'll be fine.  besst of luck to you and sorry things haven't gone well.

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