You can't go home again?

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Re: What goes around, comes around :-)

007peter wrote:

Funny what goes around does comes back around ;-). here is your journey

  1. GH2 (love it, but want better DR + IQ), sold GH2 for GH3
  2. GH3 (love it, but too big), sold GH3 for G5
  3. G5 (so so build quality + shutter-shock), sold G5 for Oly e-PM2
  4. EPM-2 (lack of grip, no build in EVF), sold E-PM2 for GH2
  5. GH2 (love it, but want better DR + IQ), sold GH2 for GH3 (cycle repeats itself)

3 things is obvious here:

1. You're a Panasonic Shooter like I am, and you're never be happy with any Olympus

2. You prefer DSLR style body with EVF.

3. Decent size but not too big like GH3

You're only answer is a Panasonic G6. Olympus E-M1 is a Big Camera. If you buy it, you're only sell it again like you did with GH3. Keep that in mind.

Yes, you ARE right, I am a Panasonic Shooter. Unfortunately, the G6 does not have a sensor on par with the current Oly offerings or the GH3, AND it also has an OLED EVF which has a tendency for color shifts, which bother me a lot. (For floral and macro work, I actually do gauge color representation via the EVF, so it does need to be correct).

The VF-4 is really a pretty spectacular viewfinder, so the EM1 might be the right choice in that respect...and it is NOT as big as the GH3, from all of the specs I have found so far (it weighs right about what the GH2 did), and is about the size of the EM5 but with a large grip. So, it might work out ok.

I don't hate the EPM2 at all. I still own it, too. I just need a bigger rear display and a grip, and I prefer to have an integrated EVF.....and the EM1 does all of these things.

What I really would like would be a Panasonic G6 SIZE camera, but with the build quality of the GH3 and the GH3 sensor, but with a non-OLED EVF, and all the goodies they have put into the GX7..... Not going to happen, methinks....And no, I will NOT buy another GH3. Great camera, but it really did not work for me.


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