You can't go home again?

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Re: You can't go home again?

Silvernitrate wrote:

Stop worrying about camera colours and get yourself a colour checker passport, it is simple to use and it will give you some lovely bespoke camera profiles for LR, PS etc.

Have one, use it.  The DR of the GH2 sensor really is not as good as the Sony sensor in the current gen Olys and the getting around that, even with color tweaking, unfortunately....and the GH3 (and G6) EVF's are OLED, which means they do not show you accurate representation of the actual colors (this is even noted in the instruction manuals for both cameras).   For most people that probably does not matter, but for flower and macro work, for me, it does, so it's a dealbreaker in that case....

The GH3 had a lot of promise, but between the size and the color shifts in the EVF, I just could not get comfortable with it.


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