critique and advice requested.

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Re: critique and advice requested.

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

The first shot comes across as very awkward, not just because of the "mouse-eye" camera angle, but because of the over all poor composition and grid lighting.

The second shot is easily the best. Simple. Expressive.

Not crazy about the third. I'm a fan of hard lighting, but it doesn't work here for me. Sorry for not being able to be more specific.

All of them are curious for one specific reason, however: your use of f11 (or thereabouts) with an f1.8 lens. Not suggesting that you needed to be wide open, but why so stopped down? My suspicion is that you were using a monolight that was too powerful for the job, and required this f-stop even at it's lowest power. Correct? Not uncommon if so. Some of the most far-sighted advise I hear is from those telling newbies to get "the most powerful light you can afford". In reality, for living room shooting, even 200ws can be too much. Anyway, I'm curious as to why you were stopped down so much.

I stopped down because I wanted the depth of field.  On the D2x, I'm finding that my 85 f/1.4 back focuses (perhaps my fault,) and I wanted to make sure that my subjects were in good focus. Honestly, I've gotten comfortable shooting at f/11 and higher due to what work is asking for. The third, is I'm still learning studio lighting.  I've had these Einsteins since I got back from Afghanistan in April and I'm still feeling them out.

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