Discouraged by Pentax reliability

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Re: Discouraged by Pentax reliability

bkpix wrote:

I've been shooting with Pentax gear since late 2008, when I switched over (mostly) from Canon.

Recently I bought a Canon 7D to use with the 100-400L zoom I had never sold from Canon film days; buying the Canon body was easier and cheaper than dealing with the limited long-lens options from Pentax.

The 7D is a pretty good camera, and I've enjoyed using it. The experience spurred to me try out a friend's 5D2, which I concluded offers identical image quality at low ISO to my K-5 in a bigger and clunkier package. So I iced any plans to shift back to a Canon-only system.

Or so I thought.

This week I spent a couple days shooting on the southern Oregon coast and, on Day 1, picked up my K-5 and discovered its lens release button had fallen off, spontaneously, in the closed camera bag. This seems to be a $200 fix at CRIS, as the body is out of warranty. The same K-5 had previously been at CRIS not once but twice for in-warranty repairs, which included a stuck shutter button and the mirror-flop issue (both problems on the first repair) and then a second time to fix the stuck shutter button again.

My K-7 was also at CRIS for an in-warranty sensor replacement when it started turning out photos with digital jaggies.

All this made me realize that I have never had a single issue with any Canon camera or lens I've owned (20D, 5D, 1Ds, 7D, 10-22, 20-35, 100-400, 28-135) despite the fact that the older lenses in my bag are around 15 years old. My son, who uses Canon to shoot bird photos around the world and who is very hard on equipment, has similarly never had a repair, at least none that didn't come directly from abuse.

I love using Pentax equipment but its reliability is very frustrating. Maybe it's just a run of bad luck. Or maybe it's time to go back to Canon....

Take a step back and realize you could probably find 10 Canon users with various failures of their equipment for every 1 Pentax person with equipment failures... This based simply on the amount of canon users to Pentax users and the number was just pulled out of my head. Not dismissing your problems I feel bad for you I'm just saying that like you haven't experienced such issues with Canon I haven't experienced such issues with Pentax and therefore we can have directly opposing viewpoints. Now you've had bad luck and i hope it doesn't continue. Several have mentioned the lens release button falling off in the last few months, lets call it a weak point for Pentax lately.

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