X10 - Fuji (NJ) says water damage

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Re: X10 - Fuji (NJ) says water damage

BlueJakester wrote:

I've been searching through this forum for everything I could find on the X10. The X10 was at the top of my short list to supplement my DSLR as a walk-around camera. Not any more.

First Fuji finds the OP's camera was water damaged while he never even had it in the rain, then the repair bill was more than a new replacement X10, then they send him the camera back as a bag full of parts. Outrageous.

Maybe this is a rare exception, maybe not, but for me it is a show stopper. I'm not only taking the X10 off my list but I'm going to pass on all Fujifilm cameras. There are simply too many good cameras with excellent service available to risk this kind of treatment and disappointment.

As much as I wanted the x20 I got out of it and got the sony rx100mk2.

I was never a sony fan. Was a fuji and canon loyalist.

But love the little monster.

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