Only Me? Is Sigma lens snug or wobbly on your Pentax K mount?

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Only Me? Is Sigma lens snug or wobbly on your Pentax K mount?

I've noticed on the Sigma 100-300 f4 and the first version of sigma 17-70 2.8-4.5 that there is a bit of wobble as to how the lens situates in the camera mount. It's not a snug fit on my copies compared to pentax or tokina lenses for instance. What say you guys? what is your experience?

Are there only some copies that do this or is it more of more widely seen phenomena?... Sigma does reverse engineer - maybe Sigma needs to come only close to escape the wrath of khan

I'm also feeling for Ron who has had so much trouble with his sigma tele's, which I don't own myself.

I've always noticed this wobble with my two sigmas, one 17-70 which was stolen three years ago. I used it on K10 and k7, both with the wobble. The 100-300 f4 DG EX on K5 wobbles exactly the same way.

If you have sigma lens/es can you check them and compare to your other brands?

My remaining 100-300 zoom and the previous 17-70 work/ed ok otherwise, but that sloppy fit never seemed like a great thing.

Only me?



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