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Re: Why not the G6?

Philly wrote:

I thought the G6 is basically an updated version of the GH2? I'm asking because I have a G6 on my buy list if Panasonic puts it on fire sale next year. Just wondering why you didn't go for the G6 instead.

I don't like the compromises in build quality that Panasonic does in their mid-range cameras, and I do not like OLED EVFs, as they have color shifts which I find difficult to work with.  I think Panasonic does realize that, as they made a big deal of the color accuracy and AdobeRGB gamut of the EVF in the GX7...which is back to the field sequential type of EVF that they had before (and not an OLED as they use in the G6 and GH3).

Essentially, I have also been spoiled by the next gen sensors in the Olys and the GH3, too, so I think I just need to look forward and save my funds for the more pro type bodies with the most advanced sensors, as they really do work better for my purposes, all around.


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