You can't go home again?

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Re: You can't go home again?

sderdiarian wrote:

jalywol wrote:

So, I got an EPM2 as an interim solution instead. Great IQ, fabulous DR, lovely color...just a little hard to use as the main camera when you do use some larger lenses. The VF-4 is a remarkable EVF, too. However, I do prefer a built in EVF, and a camera with SOME grip...(the EM5 does not have a couple of really essential features for me, so it was never in consideration.)

Seems your quest is easily solved (unless you're seriously into video): Reconditioned E-M5 with kit lens ($879) and an aftermarket grip ($46.95):

I picked up a reconditioned E-M5 with the 12-50 lens for an embarrassingly low price last Xmas and its performed flawlessly for me.

Unfortunately, the EM5 does not have a couple of things that I consider truly essential (the easy to set and keep set small focus area box for one), and I am not a fan of the EVF in it at all.  I also want a camera that comes with the grip attached, not as an add on.

The EM1 ticks ALL the boxes for would even enable me to get (when I can afford it) the 50mm f2 macro, which I think would be just perfect for my uses.  I just need deeper pockets...


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