You can't go home again?

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You can't go home again?

Some of you have probably been following my camera swapping endeavors with rather some amusement over the past six months or so.

I had a GH2 for about a year and a half, and really loved many, many things about it.  Its one weakness is its native color rendition, but it is possible to work around that.  Newer cameras have also improved the high ISO performance, but even with those two caveats, it has a whole lot going for it.

However, I wanted more DR and better native color, so I got the GH3.  Phenomenal image a body that was too big for me and with an EVF with some OLED color shifting that I simply could not adapt to.  So, I sold it.  I then tried a G5, but its build quality just left me flat (after having used the top of the Panasonic line for a couple of years, the compromises that the more consumer grade of their cameras had were just hard for me to adjust to (click wheel position on the edge of the body, and a tendency to shutter shock, which I had never had a problem with on any of the other M43s I had had).)  I was SERIOUSLY regretting having sold my GH2 at this point....but it was no longer available, so I had to find another solution.

So, I got an EPM2 as an interim solution instead.  Great IQ, fabulous DR, lovely color...just a little hard to use as the main camera when  you do use some larger lenses.  The VF-4 is a remarkable EVF, too.  However, I do prefer a built in EVF, and a camera with SOME grip...(the EM5 does not have a couple of really essential features for me, so it was never in consideration.)

So, when the EM1 was leaked, I was VERY excited about it...but it's a bit out of the budget.  Bummer and a half, right?

Well, wonder of wonders, B&H had a couple of GH2's come up IN STOCK this weekend.  Eureka! Problem solved!  I ordered one before they ran out of stock.  YES!!!

Well, it arrived today.  It's still just as intuitive as it was when I had it before, and I enjoy shooting with it just as much.  BUT.  Unfortunately, its sensor performance for stills really is just not as good as the current generation sensors.  I've been spoiled by a wider DR and better native color rendition at this point, so I don't think it's going to work for me anymore.

I guess I will be selling this body, and saving my pennies for the EM1, after all.....



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