Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

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Re: Help needed with 18-55 on D5100

msstella wrote:

speedy mate wrote:

actually, if under warranty, best buy will likely take it back, give you a new one and deal with the defective RMA. that is what you get for generally higher prices

Yes best buy will do that but i thought that was only during their return period. After that they typically make customers deal directly with manufacturers but worth a shot going to the store first.

I am going to try Best Buy today. Otherwise will see about sending in to Nikon.

Thanks everyone!

Update from today.

Since I didn't purchase the geek squad extra protection and it was purchased as a kit including camera and lens, Best Buy would only deal with it by sending all of it including the camera, lens, all the cables etc, etc, etc. I wasn't willing to send all of that since it seems to be only this lens and not the camera.

I asked a question of Nikon tech support  about what could be done about the issue, including a picture, and someone named Nicole J responded saying they recommend using a lower aperture and sent a link for landscape lenses. Geez, certainly no help there.

So I will be sending it in to Nikon repair and hope they address it. If not, I guess I will use the 35 for the little landscapes that I do until I can save for something for landscapes/walk about. I am considering refurbished nikon 18-105 or perhaps sigma 17-70. Money is tight right now so I am limited in what I can realistically afford.

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