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Re: Strap Lug issue for wrist strap users: beware

unangelino wrote:

I just got my EOS M and so far I am compelled. My guess is that my motivation in buying the camera is a little different than most. I'm a Nikon DSLR shooter, so I have no interest in sharing lenses. The 35mm equivalent, the big sensor, coupled with its size is what got me going. Did I say how much I like the size of the M and that nice, fast pancake lens?

I saw an interesting trend in the reviews of the EOS M and, before it, the Canon G1X. A number of reviewers expressed frustration than Canon was less ambitious in style and function than they should have been. They referred to cameras like the X100 (which I also own) and pointed to it as an example. It's hard to disagree but I think Canon (and Nikon with their Coolpix A) are standing back and watching the more retro-styled cameras to see if the trend continues. I love the look of the X100, but I'm an old guy. It just looks familiar to me. The look of the M is almost a non-look and I like it, too, for the same reason I've always enjoy the look and functionality of the Ricoh GRDs.

Having used the Ricoh GRDs and the Sigma DP (DP1S, DP2X and DP2M) I've found I can live with an LCD (though the X100's hybrid viewfinder was glorious). Using the EOS M with the 22 is a lot like using the DP2M. I would have kept the DP2M forever had the huge raw files been less huge or its jpgs been a lot better.

I carry the EOS M (like I did the Sigmas, and Ricohs and tried to with the X100) in my faithful ThinkTank Modular Pouch. It works much better for me than a strap with such small cameras. It brings up the first minor issue I have with the EOS M and that the tendency for the camera's playback function to be activated pretty much every time I draw it out of the pouch.

It's also hard to discern the advantage of the strap lugs Canon has chosen to use. The flush lugs they use with the G1X would be far better, imho. I take every opportunity to remove metal from my straps and Canon has forced me to use metal strap attachment points, seemingly for no reason:

Has anyone come across an advantage to them that I'm missing? I'm also a tad disappointed that the M seems to lack any custom user settings. I like to use that facility for quick and dirty HDRs. My plan is to leave the M in AEB and aperture priority mode and shoot a lot in full auto.

Keeping just to the lugs; I use one in conjunction with a Gordy's wrist strap. Today, while out on a camera walk I discovered along the way that the lug connection had come unlocked (though 'locked' at all is relatively speaking). The discovery helped me avoid a mishap of dropping the camera, the likely end of my use as I would not pay to repair if damaged. This issue isn't as much of a problem when using with neck strap given the chance that at least one would still be secure.

I am going to be seeking a simple resolution to this problem before it costs me the enjoyment of using the M.

If someone has had a similar experience and would care to share their solution that would be welcomed.

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