M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

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Re: M43 seems more and more overpriced compared to NEX

jagge wrote:


Did just see the announcements from Sony and have to say that the m43 system seems more and more overpriced compared to the NEX system. See the new nex5t a very competetive sensor, and the new entry level model, with a very capable sensor as well.

Two new nice camera's for the NEX line. One at the bottom of the market. The new NEX 5 can easily be compared to the E-PL5. I see that both camera's are in the same price range.

The new A3000 is a really cheap but has also (with exception of sensor) very, very low specs. The display is as bad as the one in the E-PL1. A camera from 2010 and even than it was a very low resolution, low budget screen. The EVF is just as bad as the display. A nice camera for a very low price, but I wouldn't suggest it to anyone new to photography. It will be a disappointed experience.

Compare that to the EP5 and the GX7. I know maybe not a completely fair comparisson but not far off, the prices are though.

Why compare the new NEX 5 and the A3000 to the E-P5 and GX7?

And the cheap sigma primes are a super match for the aps-c sensor, not as much the m43.

I am a m43 supporter BUT I do think that it gets less and less competetive compared to nex.


M4/3 is getting better and better, also at the low end. The GF6 and E-PM2 are more for you it seems.

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