Two new lenses in 2013 (16-80mm f3,5-4,5 & 16-50mm f2.8)

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Re: Two new lenses in 2013 (16-80mm f3,5-4,5 & 16-50mm f2.8)

So I decided to call Samsung directly. Maybe they can say anything about it. And yes, they did! The friendly girl on the telephone confirmed that they have listet a new 16-80mm f3,5-4,5 and 16-50mm f2.8 in their system. Both lenses are expected for 2013.

Biggest BS I've ever read here, sorry.

'If you want to get technical advice, please press 1. To hear about our unannounced or classified technology developments, please press 2. To return to the main menu, please press 0.'

You could maybe put here what number you rang, I'm eager to give them a call as well. (Unless you phoned the Korean Head Office, I don't speak Korean yet.)

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