Russia warns of 'catastrophic consequences' if Syria hit

Started Aug 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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He's right

That is a no-win situation, no matter what we do.

Don't take action, and either Assad gasses the opposition (tough luck, guys), or he loses and the various radical Islam factions behind some of the opposition get their hands on large quantities of chemical WMD's.

Take action, and we get blamed for everything.

My personal opinion is - we err on the side that involves the fewest American lives lost. I don't like seeing a slaughter, but this is getting absurd.

Did anyone bother to ask where Syria got chemical WMD's, in weaponized form? Not something you can get off the shelf at wal-mart.

The answer is: they were a gift from Saddam Hussein. That's where his WMD's went - to Syria. And a lot of people would just as soon not have those weapons shown in public: lots of 'made in France' and 'made in Germany' labels on the canisters.

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