NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

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Re: NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

parallaxproblem wrote:

NFC is really designed for cardkey access type applications where there is a very short exchange of a small amount of data - not the sort of large volume data exchange you would probably want between a camera and a smartphone or tablet

One use for this that would be interesting is settings tethering. Set the cameras setting on the phone, then move phone to the camera on a tripod to have the settings take effect. How about just having the shutter trigger as the phone comes close to the camera? You could do some extended bracketing with that. Another would be GPS coordinate transfer from the phone to the exif data in the last photo taken. I would probably use this more than anything as I only want to geotag some photos and this would put me in complete control. You could expand this to keyword tagging in general where you setup your tags in the phone and then transfer them to the camera for use on the next set of photos. A phone will be able to carry a pretty big database of keywords and make tagging less dependent on PP. That would also be very useful.

Thank you

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