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LTZ470 wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

From what I can tell they are doing some tricks with the zoom lens now...how does your FZ200 lens work?

When you zoom wide what does the lens actually do? Does it zoom all the way in and then back out slightly?

I noticed that the RX100 does this and I think its to do with diffraction limit and avoiding it too soon with the new lens/cameras...when you zoom the RX100 out wide the lens zooms all the way in then back out a few MM...if you zoom it back to point where it is the most retracted on the camera the frame is actually narrower than when it moves out a few mm...so there is some serious technology going into these cams, and of course you can see it in the prices as well...

They are doing something to offset the diffraction and the old calculation that everyone is using are wrong when utilised for the newly designed zoom lens?

Would like to know myself...

The also why does Panasonic use f/4 when you switch to Teleconversion Mode on the FZ200? Which is also a tell-tale sign. Panasonic have been designing cameras and making lens for sometime, and there is a Method to their Madness...

Interesting to say the least...


I think you may be reading too much into the "....zoom all the way in and then back out slightly." that we notice on these cameras.

As a lens zooms, the proportional spacing of the internal lens elements varies and I believe that the spacing isn't quite "linear", so the little "back out slightly" correction may be a way of finalizing the positions of some elements as well as refining the focus.

At least that is how the internal workings of zoom lenses was explained back when they were being introduced in regular consumer cameras. [And didn't work very well ]

Erik you would have to see it to understand that it is more exaggerated than just a little on the RX100 it's significant...

I couldn't remember if the FZ200 was the same way...

IF you do zoom the RX100 all the way wide, then it zooms inside then goes back out quite significant if I remember right...

There's a lot of movement in the innards as the lens zooms - and it's not anything like linear. The bottom of this page shows one example.


FZ200 pulls in about 4mm as you go from full wide to about 2x. I think every small sensor I've owned has the same behavior.


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