Given a choice, E-M1 or E-7?

Started Aug 27, 2013 | Polls thread
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Given a choice, E-M1 or E-7?

Let's take the forum temperature, shall we?

IF Olympus issued both cameras AND providing E-M1 focuses 4/3 lenses as competently as E-5, which would you pick? Smaller and lighter E-M1, with access to both lens lineups and latest tech goodies, or straight-up DSLR with OVF? IQ is of course the same for both, and for the clarity sake let's assume the price is the same for E-7 and E-M1 + MMF-3.

E-M1, I am swayed by the benefits of the latest tech and view this as future
36.1% 53  votes
E-7, I want OVF
42.9% 63  votes
Both, I like both concepts in the areas of their respective strengths
21.1% 31  votes
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