Sony A3000 pros, cons, comments based on specs

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Sony A3000 pros, cons, comments based on specs

Sony A3000



+ 20.1 megapixel sensor

+ 1080p HD recording

+ clear image zoom

+ DRO and picture effects

+ NFC sharing

+ multi-interface hotshoe

+ deep grip, small form factor and weight matches well with E-mount lenses

+ price


- contrast detect only

- fixed non-touchscreen 3inch 230K LCD

- no eye sensor for EVF

- 3.5fps continuos shooting

- 470 shots battery

- USB 2.0

This seems like a camera that would appeal to (1) poseurs who are concerned with the the size and shape of the camera (2) those on a budget and developing markets with lower incomes (3) casual photographers who want a step up in image quality that they can quickly share online using NFC, automatic settings and basic user interface.

I do not think Canon Rebel line would be too worried at this point except for their own sales issues. The Canon SL1 is in a totally different price bracket, however it also seems like a less compromised camera. The Sony shows shades of the Canon 1100D, however with better features.

It seems Sony has designed a bridge/a38 successor/Canon 1100D competitor that will not canniblise sales from their other, more lucrative NEX and SLT lines except possibly the NEX-3N. If anything, it makes current and past SLTs such as the a37 more attractive.

Something to note when the Sony a35 was upgraded to the a37:

230k -> 921k LCD

Fixed -> Flippy LCD screen

5.5 -> 7 shots per second

420 -> 500 shots battery life


Judging by early sample photos this camera is capable of taking impressive photos with the sensor and the relatively small form factor will balance well with E-mount lenses.

HD video recording, less useful than it could be due to the low quality fixed LCD.

The EVF, although not the best, is still one of the better features due to the rear LCD and a selling points, is let down by the lack of an EVF eye sensor so users have to press a button every time to use this feature.

The inclusion of NFC is attractive (especially for today's youth) to upload better quality images than a smartphone to compatible devices for quick online sharing, however the lack of touchscreen again makes this less appealing than it could be.

This camera, like the Canon 1100D, was built to a sharp price point and it shows. For the beginner target demographic it will sell however it makes you wonder what features could of been improved for the masses if Sony had raised the price a little more, especially since the E-mount lenses are not cheap.

In the meanwhile, unless you fall into one or more of the three categories mentioned earlier, are an enthusiast photographer, or already own the Sony SLT a35/a37, then the current NEX and SLT lines are more attractive. Things could change on the early September announcements or hopefully a year from now when a replacement for this, albeit yet to be released camera, is announced.


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