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Resolution at long focal length settings


In my own experience with the ZS20 the resolution at the maximum focal length is substantially worse than at shorter focal lengths. You need to put the camera on a solid tripod and use the timer delay for such shots. Even with the smallest f/ stop the aperture diameter is still nearly 11mm at the longest FL so the image softness cannot be blamed on diffraction.

The objective of the lens designers was to control the optical aberrations so that the resolution is approximately the same at all focal lengths. Your tests show that the designers did a pretty good job. However, for most of the focal length range there is still a lot of room for improvements in resolution before diffraction becomes the limiting factor.

I think that future small-sensor cameras will be significantly sharper at most focal lengths. Most people do not really need better sharpness but they tend to buy the cameras that have a good reputation for sharpness.


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