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PhotoKaz wrote:

Arnaud M wrote:

I hear your comments and thank you for making your opinions. The consensus that emerges from them is that this photo disturbing. The plight of this homeless man probably hits you and therefore it is best to ignore the distress and certainly not the show.

Unfortunately, this is indicative of today's society that prefers to look the other way while hunting the homeless in city centers because they interfere.

It is much less disturbing to see the harsh images of war-torn bodies flooding the media because it is going away from us.

While this misery, she is at our feet, to reach our comfortable lives.

Somehow, I'm glad this photo do react if to win general acceptance.

I do not expect you to change your mind, but ask yourself the reason why you feel that way.

The paradox is what it is. A poor guy collecting a few meager coins to survive in the background with this safe symbol of wealth.

Thank you for reading me.

PS: Sorry for my english but it is not my native language and it is not easy to express this kind of feeling.

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Did you ask the guy if you can take his photo? If so, then I don't think there is anything wrong. However, if he was an unwilling participant in this, then it's borderline. His face isn't visible, so in a way he can't be identified but it doesn't hurt to ask.

When I shoot people in such situations, I always ask. Even if they don't speak English (like on my trip to Mumbai), a simple gesture with the camera and they know what your intentions are. I find 90% of people don't mind, 9% will politely decline, 1% will get mad.

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I have the opposite position.

I want candids so I don't ask. As a result I can't shot short because my subject will pose or be angry.

I had a good natured game with Sadus (religious men) in India who dressed and posed with/for tourists.

Wandering around a crowded Square I tried to nail this guy in Kathmandu. He saw me (how could he miss a 70/200?) & kept hiding his face.

Later I got him, walked over showed him the shot and gave him a tip. We both laughed and he gave me change - I was unnerved

My change


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