Processing for a film-like look; yes, no and why?

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Re: Processing for a film-like look; yes, no and why? closing thoughts

I had no idea that this topic would lead where it has. I have read some pretty interesting things since it started and have endured some over the top aggressiveness on the part of one...who won't be joining me for dinner. That aside, I will continue to keep a foot in the past as well as one in the future. The idea of film qualities incorporated in a digital world is a good one to many, including me.

An issue relating to this thread is the posting of images here on DPR. It can be a good thing, great in fact, about 75% of the time. The remaining percentage is not good as detractors become critics of the unkind nature. It is said that the easiest thing in the world to be is a critic. I believe this is very true. Think about that.

The downright nastiness and acrimony here in DPR forums is astounding at times. Back when we only had film there were no online forums and we didn't have to deal with each other as we have the opportunity to do here. And look what we do with that. Toxic behavior has become the preferred sport of some, if only to attempt to drive home their point of view on something near all here share, an interest in photography/gear. Way to go!

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