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DM wrote:

"In addition, lens-system aberrations will also reduce the magnitude of the composite system MTF, and increasing the F-Number to the point where the composite system MTF response is maximized makes sense (regardless of any other factors, such as calculated Airy disk diameters). At F-Numbers above that point (for any given Focal Length), the system is "diffraction limited".

So the FZ200 is diffraction limited regardless of focal length? and the f/4 sharpness just comes from lens characteristics? Nothing to do with diffraction because it is already in the lens from when you turn it on?

Once past f/4 I see a degradation quickly on the FZ200, but could be related to shutter speed as well...

All the scientific lingo is a bit much for my old brain…and I am reading work related programs for now...

I emailed Panasonic Japan to see how they respond…If panasonic doesn't know their own camera and lens then we are definitely in trouble! Leica's next...

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