Is the DSTE battery grip best NON OEM for D800

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Re: Is the DSTE battery grip best NON OEM for D800

johnparas11zenfoliodotcom wrote:

So i searched here and it seems the DSTE "branded" battery grip for the D800 the best deal for non oem/fake/third party battery grip for the d800? In terms of build, quality, similar dimensions to the original nikon MBD12, relibility, electronic compatibility, similar user experience as the original? I saw an ebay seller " dstebattery " and he sells a set with extra ENEL 18 battery and charger plus the grip and inserts for AA and ENEL15 for less than $90 with free shipping... Ayone have experience with this grip? Or does anyone can recommended something else? Thank you all... And please do not go to the, " you bought a $3000 camera and you want to buy a cheap knock off for that" route... I just want to know the "best" available grip among the non originals that are available... Thank you.

I have bought it together with the DSTE EN-EL18 about a month ago and I can

happily tell you that it is a very good buy.

I've used it at about 8 weddings without any problem I can report.

The main 'plus' of this set is the battery, which lasts double my original battery (about

800 photos with original and about 1600 photos with DSTE, total 2500 photos with

both batteries (RAW 14 bit + JPEGs medium in 2 cards + lens corrections, 2% LV usage etc +

image review always ON)).

The grip itself is plastic, inferior in quality of the original, but it is OK and fits nicely.

Buttons are positive but not like original's grip.

Another plus, is the charger, which is small and the battery can be charged on the grip if you

like. Car charger is a plus, too. I haven't used it yet though.

The set has worked without issues, only last night I loaded the just charged DSTE battery

in the grip and the camera didn't recognize it. But after I turned a bit the wheels on the grip

it recognized it, seemed as if grip did a small restart. No big deal I say.

If you don't need the remote control, buy the grip without it, becasue the rubber of

near the IR 'eye' is weak. No big deal again but...

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