1d Mark III vs. same priced modern DSLR cameras

Started Aug 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
pule_st Junior Member • Posts: 35
Re: 1d Mark III vs. same priced modern DSLR cameras

The 1d Mark III's price (today) is similar to the Nikon D7100.

The Nikon DOES have more advantages with:

Better color
Better boost of ISO
Less noise in higher ISO
Built in Flash
More megapixels
Better LCD resolution screen

It is hard to compare.

I have 5d mk3 which is better than Nikon D7100, and way better that 1dmk3, but my old 1d mk3 was (and still is) my camera of choice when I'm expecting bad weather (heavy rain), or I have to shoot in desert.

It is more weather/dust resistant than non 1d* cameras and if you don't use ISO higher that 1600 it is great camera.

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