Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

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Re: Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

Hi all, I just wanted to report back on my experience with the SEL1.8 so far. I must say, I'm not completely convinced yet. I have been shooting some indoor pictures, but due to the (indeed) slow AF I feel it is hard to stay on track with a moving child. Also.. using the high aperture (anywhere between 1.8 and say 2.8) I find it extremely difficult to make sure I have focus on the right spot (that said: most of the times the eyes of the little one). When I am not shooting face to face, but on an medium angle with his face, I notice that in all of my shot only the first eye is sharp or the second eye is sharp. Getting both eyes sharp is impossible. Only by turing the aperture to values around 3.5 and higher I can manage this, but even then not all shots are sharp at both eyes.

Combined with the slow AF, I'm wondering now: did I made the right choice. Since the sigma has faster AF... and yes it starts at 2.8, but because of the narrow DOF, I wouldn't use anything below much.

Maybe I need to skill my technique, to be able to make sharp shots. Any advice?


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