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Great images, pubserv!

I have taken hundreds of bee shots recently with the Raynox 150 and all of your shots are better than any of mine. You are very skilled at focusing. Perhaps I have been trying to get too much magnification. Are your images cropped?

I think the colourful bug is a spittlebug, also called a froghopper, They make the spittle that you see on the stems of plants. This recent post contains a shot of a flower with spittle on the stem:


I have both the 150 and 250 but use the 150 much more outdoors. I guess you could get approximately the same shots with the 250 by using less zoom, but the 150 is the one I take outside to use hand-held. The 250 (8 diopter or 125 mm) gives you about 5 inches from your subject, whereas the 150 (4.8 diopters or 208 mm) gives you about 8 inches, which makes it less likely that you scare insects away and it's easier to avoid casting a shadow on your subject. I do a lot of focus-stacking, mostly indoors because of wind, and choose the lens according to the size of the subject. Both lenses are fun but, if I had to pick just one, it would be the 150.

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