Coolpix P510 GPS performance

Started Mar 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
6pnosgr New Member • Posts: 6
Re: Coolpix P510 GPS performance

My friend the gps perfomance is really bad!!!

Yes, it can remain open but still cannot find gps signal!

It take many minutes to get gps signal. Sometimes more than 10....

Unfortunately there is no update for the gps software....

Sorry for the bad news but this is the truth....

Macist wrote:

How is the GPS performance?

Is there a mode like on the Panasonics, where the GPS stays on even when the camera is powered down, so it can tag a photo immediately after the camera is powered on?

I currently have the Sony HX100V and the main reason I want to get rid of it is the slow GPS tagging -- the camera shuts off the GPS when powered down and then it takes about a minute or more to get a lock. Which means that when traveling, many of my shots are not tagged since I turned it on, took the shot and turned it off before it ever locked.

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