This leaves me deeply, deeply saddened

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This leaves me deeply, deeply saddened

Quote from Engadget, about the A3000:

"...amateurs looking to step up from a point-and-shoot often opt for a full-size DSLR. The reason, according to Sony reps, is that these users simply assume that a larger camera with a familiar design offers better image quality and performance. So, to suit these misinformed customers, Sony's created a mirrorless camera that looks like a DSLR..."

This tallies with what Sony have told the DPR guys. " was designed to appeal to those who want the perception of professional quality offered by the SLRs of other manufacturers (Sony openly admitted as much to us)..."

I'm not saddened that Sony have done it, I'm saddened that the buying public are such sheep that Sony has been forced to do it. I'm assuming this camera has been driven by market research into why Mirrorless has fallen on its backside in the US, and what people really want. Just a big sensor camera with a zoom lens, that focuses faster than a P&S, and has a viewfinder. Oh, and that looks like you are actually getting something for your $400.

Actually, on the subject of what the masses want, I read a really simple statement posted by someone on DPR yesterday, that is highly insightful. "People don't want cameras, they want photographs". I know for some that seems counterintuitive, since it would seem you can't have one without the other, but read it again and think of "camera" as a standalone dedicated device. Hence we now have DPR Connect. Its depressing.

In the very early days of m43, Panasonic released a cut down Lumix G model called the G10 that was universally ignored. If this experiment by Sony actually works, I can see Panasonic trying again and looking to strip the G6 to the bare bones and put the old EVF from earlier models back in to see if there is space on the bandwagon.

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