Returning my RX-100 MK2

Started Aug 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Returning my RX-100 MK2

At least for me wifi is still something that I don't use often and isn't a deal breaker for me.  I don't like viewing pictures on a 3" LCD so after a shooting session I'll either transfer the images myself to my computer/iPad.  My desktop/laptop have SD card slots and are relatively fast, trying to transfer over wifi is still painfully slow.  I don't want to upload to any social media without doing a review/quick edit job.  Transferring via card reader to my iPad mini is much faster than transferring by wifi.

More so than being able to transfer by wifi though I do love remote shooting.  Where as with the NEX-6s remote shooting was rather primitive, I do like how newer cameras are allowing you to get a live view of your image, setting manual settings like being able to adjust ISO, WB, shutter speed, even adding creative filters.  It adds further usability and elimates the need to both buy and carry a separate remote.

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