New specs leaks - G lens under $600!!

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Re: New specs leaks - G lens under $600!!

captura wrote:

It would be nice to have a collapsible lens; they are so much smaller.

Physics dictate that for the larger APS-C sensor the lenses are going to have to be larger.  I know that people are always saying that they want smaller lenses and that the main benefit for the NEX and other mirrorless systems is supposed to be their compact size.  I'll argue that the main benefit is not so much the size savings as it is the weight savings.  The NEX and other APS-C system have lenses that are most often smaller and weight less than their larger DSLR counterparts, which in my mind is a technologica advancement.  To expect the lenses to be faster AND smaller is unrealistic.  There's a reason that the upcoming Zeiss FF-NEX lens is 'only a 2.8'.  Anything faster would have to be larger.  A fast zoom at 2.8 would either A) be much larger or B) have a much shorter range.  Then C) it would be much more expensive.

Expecting a m4/3 sized lens to cover the sensor size of a larger APS-C sized sensor isn't realistically possible.  ther e would be too many compromises to make in terms of speed and/or price.

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