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Thanks. I don't understand those who say "I don't have time to fiddle at the computer".
In general, I would give up my best lenses before I would give up the ability to PP in LR and PS. For me, the capture is only the very first part of the process. PP is where the real creativity and fun begins, and where the impact of the image is brought out.

Sam K., NYC

Well maybe because some of us are photographers not computer graphics people

I think nothing can beat a good picture out of camera. Yes I do PP, I do play a little with contrast/sharpness/saturation/crop but that is about it. Yes it can improve the image a lot.

But for sharpness there is no software substitute. What you need to undestand is that the image is "made to look better" not actually improved. Increasing the contrast, applying an unsharp mask, sharpening or whatever you do does not bring new information to your file just makes it look better from a distance. Some procedures make some calculation and " guess" what could have been there sometimes. The result could be close to reality or just an artifact.

Sharpness does not make a good picture, i totally agree. But that is what the OP asked. And real information captured by the sensor is always better than simulated information.

I admit that software is a big part of photography these days, but I don't think that the "real creativity" should be in PP. It is actually a sad concept to me. Maybe I am just old school. But be aware that this is a dangerous path. This "creativity" will be easy to simulate by computer. Soon the end user or client will have acces to such advanced software that they will take a picture with their phone and push a "make my image better" button in software and it is bye bye job for the "PP" photographer. If I would be now starting in photography and trying to make a style and differentiate, I would not go the PP path but try to make good pictures out of camera that can be made even better in post.

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