NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

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Re: NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

kam_wa wrote:

May be they're impossible to find by eye if it was dark, but as with my point above, you can still feel for the button or you can use the touch screen.

Do you ever wear gloves? It gets into the high twenties here in the winter, so I shoot a lot wearing spandex running gloves, which are pretty thin, but still impossible to feel the buttons through. I also use an EVF and don't really want to remove my eye from the finder to hunt for soft buttons on the LCD. I think it would really improve the cameras if the buttons where changed.

I would also really like if Sony had an option to reverse the buttons. A setting that allowed the functions normally found on the bottom button to be moved to the top button would be a tremendous improvement, IMO. The top button is so much easier to find for me, and all it carries is access to the menus, returns and exits. It seems such a waste.

Thank you

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