is this a bad time to buy OMD EM-5?

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Re: is this a bad time to buy OMD EM-5?

wgan wrote:

according to all kinds of rumours, there will be several new models coming out very soon, and its still not clear whether EM-5 will get replaced or just to fill in the gap, and I really like EM-5, should I wait or just go buy it?

What are you shooting with now?  If its a comparable camera and you have something that can hold you over the it might be prudent for you to wait a little bit.  If you would be in for a huge upgrade then go for it now.

Obviously the price is going to go down, with consumer electronics everything depreciates.  If you asked me if buying the E-M5 plus 12-50 kit for $1,299 is a good buy now then I would tell you no.  If you asked me if a refurbished kit of the same kind is worth $899 then I would tell you hell yes.

Even if you spent $899 on it right now it would last you a long time.  Even if 6 months later something else came out that you wanted to 'upgrade' to you could probably get at least $600 for the kit, probably more.

I'll give you an example.  I bought the E-P5 kit with 17 1.8 and VF-4 kit for $1,449 myself a few weeks ago.  It was a fantastic camera outside of a few minor quirks.  I knew that it wasn't the one that I ultimately wanted  because ar the time I was very interested in the GX7 but I wanted something to hold me over and something I could get used to shooting the m43 format.  I said to myself that I would most likely keep the 17 lens so I would be selling the camera + EVF.  The camera itself is $999 plus another $249 or so for the EVF.  If it were me I wouldn't buy the camera and EVF for $1,000 in a few weeks when I could just buy a GX7 with integrated EVF for $999.  I would probably have to sell for around $850 or even less.  Meaning for a few weeks of shooting I would be buying myself a $600 lens.  That's the issue of buying at the peak when you know for almost absolute sure it won't be a keeper.  Conversely I bought the E-M5 kit for $800 on the 2nd market refurbished with a shutter count for 89.  I conservatively thought that when/if I upgraded in a few weeks that I could get $600-700 for the kit, Maybe even more.  So for $100 I was willing to take the chance.  The amount of keepers and great images that I'm getting is well worth the potential small loss.

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