NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

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Re: NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

parallaxproblem wrote:

The soft buttons on the back remain 'black' colour and smooth. This may look very cool but it's a nightmare in use, particularly when the screen is tilted-up, as you can't see the wretched things! Buttons were silver on previous models ('original' 5 and 5N) which was much more practical

The camera strap is mounted via 'eyelets' at the top of the camera. On the original NEX-5 and NEX-5n the straps were held in lugs on the side of the camera which meant it hung down when you had a lens on it - really a genius move as it protected the lens and gave you quick access to the camera. With these stupid eyelets the camera hangs at a sort of 45 degree angle which is both unstable and uncomfortable (banging against your chest) and less easy to access

I assumed that these were last-minute design mistakes on the 5R which never got tested or surfaced in the field, but the fact they have been held-over on the 5T shows how little effort Sony went to over the upgrade

I see a small bump on the handgrip which seems related to the NFC compatibility (I've had the Nokia 700 with NFC for two years now and never once used NFC on it), and the specs suggest triluminous compatibility with the video (this is only relevant to Sony LCD TVs), and that is it for hardware changes (and the triluminous may not even be a hardware change). If the new firmware isn't shared with existing 5R owners then it would be pretty scandalous

What bump are you referring to? The press release pics (rear and front) look near identical to the 5R. Perhaps you mean the bulge where it is labelled "ISO", then this is the same on the 5R which doesn't have NFC.

And a reason why NFC hasn't been that useful is lack of support/devices to communicate with. However, new smart phones (including Sony's Xperia's)  do support NFC so will make transfer of images even easier than with wifi on the 5R and 6.

NEX-5T back:

NEX-5N back (note more visible soft buttons and superior strap lugs):

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