Teleconverter magnification comparison. (5 imgs)

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KentG wrote:

Not saying that, Ron. I'm sure each of us is seeing what we are reporting. Like 3 blind men trying to describe an elephant when each is touching a different part. I went back this morning and dug a couple of FA lenses out, hooked each one to my Sigma 1.4x EX TC and tested it on the *ist D, K20D, and K-01. They all locked up and they all AF'd fine. I also realize if the mount can't rotate far enough to lockup the possibility is the contacts don't line up and the electronics won't work. But without being able to see one that doesn't lock up myself I can't know if yours are going all the way around to the stop or not. If it is and the only mechanical part is the pin does not lock into the hole but the contacts line up, that is an electronic issue. The only issue I ever had with a Sigma product was a 300/2.8 APO on a Minolta Maxxum 9. The camera showed screwy info and the lens appeared to be dead, it would not do anything. Sent it back to Sigma, they replaced the ROM memory chip in the lens and it ran fine after that.

As I said before, you are muddying the waters by bringing in electronics into the equation. As I have written many times over the past year or two.....the Sigma teleconverters that I own WILL NOT MOUNT onto the F* and FA* lenses that I own. If the Sigma teleconverters HAD mounted onto the lenses and LOCKED into place I would have written that the Sigma teleconverters WILL MOUNT onto the lenses but will not drive the lens. Then i would have written that perhaps I have someting wrong with five of my Pentax lenses or perhaps my four teleconverters have someting wrong. I WOULD HAVE further written that perhaps the contact pins don't line up or perhaps the drive screws don't line up. Geeze Kent, I am not stupid.

So then smart guys, tell me what I have wrong, four Sigma teleconverters, all bought new at different times, two of which are APO EX and two of which ar APO EX DG, or five Pentax F* and FA* lenses that have been around for many, many years. Or, could it be that your teleconverters are not the same teleconverters that I have?

I repeat, my Sigma teleconverters DO NOT MOUNT to my Pentax F* and FA* lenses.

Now you guys can again try to blow me out of the water and try to make me look stupid but you are not going to get away with it. I know how to mount a teleconverter. I know about electronics. I know when a teleconverter is working or not. My Sigma teleconverters DO NOT work with my Pentax F* and FA* lenses BECAUSE THEY DO NOT MOUNT to my F* and FA* lenses (period freeking period).

I am through discussing this any further now. So, bye bye.


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