NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

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Re: NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

parallaxproblem wrote:

straylightrun wrote:

You can't simply feel the buttons?

No you can't because they are smooth and flush with the camera back - the buttons on the original 5 are slightly textured and protrude slightly from the body so can be felt as well as seen

Not sure what you mean, but when I run my thumb over the buttons I can feel them and when you press down you can feel the button being depressed. And if you have the screen tilted you can find the buttons even easier, they're just to the right of the right-angled edge now exposed. Unless you have very big thumbs or are less sensitive feeling. And if you still can't find the buttons, you can always use the touch screen for the corresponding option.

Ken Rockwell also complains about this (not that I have much time for him generally):

quote:"Poor is that the two main menu buttons (the little ones near the top and bottom right of the rear LCD) are impossible to find by feel. They are flat black buttons flush with the flat black rear of the camera, so not only can't they be found by feel as you're looking through the viewfinder, they are also nearly impossible to find by eye while shooting with the rear LCD."

May be they're impossible to find by eye if it was dark, but as with my point above, you can still feel for the button or you can use the touch screen.

So it is a valid criticism from a known review site in the public doman and Sony have done nothing to fix it, even though a fix would be trivial (revert to buttons on NEX-5n etc)

Sure, it's not totally the end of the world (though surprisingly annoying in practice - and one of the reasons I still prefer my NEX-5 in many ways to my NEX-5R) but my point is the lack of changes in this supposedly 'new' camera release - are sony just trying to charge their customers many hundreds of dollars for a firmware upgrade?

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