Interesting read on the future of the DSLR & Mirrorless

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Re: Interesting read on the future of the DSLR & Mirrorless

I'd only speak for the Nikon V1 since that's the mirrorless I own.

David Hull wrote:

I think that the problems I see with Mirrorless as it sits now are the following:

1. The VF is not as good as the optical VF’s found in traditional DSLR’s. If someone wants to argue that please point me at a camera with an EVF that you think is just as good that I can go play with.

The EVF is very good. It's detailed with a very fast refresh rate to catch action.

2. The AF is not as fast and snappy as that of a typical DSLR.

I've checked around a lot for tests and comparisons and also handled a friend's MarkII. It's safe to say single-centre point AF is faster (and possibly even topping that of professional models) and area AF is about the same.

3. The damn things cost just as much as a DSLR. Come on now what’s up with that, if it really DOES have 70% less parts, why isn’t it 70% less expensive?

Maybe because you don't wanna break a spine while still covering a range of 18-540 full frame?

4. To take off well it will need to provide a migration path for the DSLR folks. I am impressed by the NEX but it won’t take my Canon glass and flashes easily (while providing all the same features). Translation: I am waiting for Canon to make a good one. The problem is, that may not happen real fast since they want to sell DSLR’s.

5. And ... please, please, please … what is up with this “retro” c*r*a*p? Does it really have to look and feel like something we used in 1967? Honestly, there really has been some real advancement in terms of ergonomics since then.

If the Mirrorless is really going to surmount the DSLR as the camera of choice for the purposes that the DSLR is used for today, it is going to have to provide the same performance and not just be smaller and lighter. My $.02 anyway.

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The only thing you can complain about is the smaller sensor size but this usually goes away when people give the N1 cameras a chance and see that they way surpass expectations.

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