NEX-5T keeps design mistakes from NEX-5R

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Goodnight, sir.

parallaxproblem wrote:

dpmaxwell wrote:

Yeesh, sorry I tried to engage in conversation. Should've let this topic die the death it was destined for in the first place.

Have a great evening

Er... I tried to engage you in conversation. I want to know how these things can be 'Horses for Courses' as you put it, or improvements in any way.... maybe you could help me understand why Sony made these changes in the first place, and why they haven't bothered to reverse them on the 5T

I was also hoping you might share your experience of using these features on the actual cameras themselves being as you think they are so trivial - you have used a NEX-5/NEX-5N and a NEX-5R haven't you? I mean there's no way you could have entered this thread and left your comments without any direct experience, is there?

Instead we get a(nother) 'smart' little insult and you running away with your tail between your legs. Shame...


"Horses for courses": "Horses for courses means that what is suitable for one person or situation might be unsuitable for another."

You came on here and called these complaints of yours, "design mistakes". I said they seemed like minor complaints TO ME. Read this part carefully - - - - - I DID NOT CLAIM THEY WERE IMPROVEMENTS, so stop with the ridiculous straw man argument and your asinine "challenge" for me to prove that they are improvements.

My experience on using these design features - oh OK, the buttons I have no issue with the color because, despite Ken Rockwell's claim, I find them easily by feel. Far from invisible, I find them easily buy both feel and by sight.

The strap lugs - I have never had a problem with them making noise in video. Maybe I am doing it wrong?  And I use a wrist strap so, no issues with how the lens hangs.

And, I have never used a NEX5 or 5N so YOU HAVE GOT ME THERE! TOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I wish you would have clearly qualified your initial post and asked for ONLY a response by people who have used both of these cameras. Then I could have avoided this entire cesspool of a thread.


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*Disclaimer: the above post is just my opinion. No offense was intended. Please don't freak out - I'm just some random dude on the internet.*

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